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2011-04-20 06:58:14 by Senmetsu

UPDATE: You can thank Rivergrey for making me update this :) She da best. <3


To get on this list,
1) Leave me a note here with your birthday.
2) Easy as that. If your b-day is coming up soon, best to shoot me a pm in case I don't check this.
3) I delete the comment to keep the page loading quick for everyone!**

I am doing this to bring us closer as friends, the entire community. If we acknowledge each others existence more often it'll remind everyone that there are people with feelings who like to see someone give them attention on their one and only day a year.

If a 20 year old lives 80 years, s/he only has 60 more of these left ever, and who knows how many people won't live to see 80...RIP My fallen NGers. The birthdays they spend with us are important. They could do anything on their birthday, go to mcdonalds, spend time with family or friends, but no... many of us decide to spend time with our fellow NGers. Let's give them the opportunity to be acknowledged and worshiped :)

A mission of bromance and togetherness. Join up. Mine is May 10th.

** I'm sorry I have to delete the comments, once we hit 90 my page took forever to load. I love every comment and will be responding by PM from here out.


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LET ME ADD YOUR NAME TO THE LIST BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 2nd ++++ Zalecot
January 9th ++++ Obvious-M
January 10th ++++ Makakaov
January 14th ++++ Narcissy
January 16th ++++ Lolitastic, tonypar16
January 17th ++++ hiddeninthecrowd
January 19th ++++ WeHaveFreshCookies, Luis, Saltshakerclock!
January 20th ++++ 111122223138
January 24th ++++ NerdLiife
February 5th ++++ Adio0205
February 11th ++++ Little-Rena
February 13th ++++ steph2568
February 16th ++++ mothballs
February 17th ++++ Prometheus13
February 20th ++++ LaForge, Psycho-Pickle
February 21st ++++ agustana
February 25th ++++ mizzjuicyflava
February 26th ++++ Grammar-Nazi
February 28th ++++ Squidbit, logic
March 1st ++++ SteelChair
March 4th ++++ walterwagner
March 5th ++++ Kunera
March 8th ++++ SCTE3
March 12th ++++ Kevin
March 13th ++++ ArmouredGRIFFON
March 15th ++++ CharltonChinchilla, Suprememessage
March 17th ++++ HayBayBee
March 29th ++++ Sandwich-eater
April 3rd ++++ Sineptra
April 7th ++++ EpicFail, andy70707
April 8th ++++ MotokoFan
April 14th ++++ Zanuha
April 15th ++++ Dromedary
April 16th ++++ FairSquare
April 17th ++++ ClockworkSpace
April 22nd ++++ Artypop
April 24th ++++ Gagsy, kittehg0d
April 26th ++++ Sevkat
April 28th ++++ Space-Whale
April 30th ++++ TomFulp
May 4th ++++ Jon, skaterdude411
May 5th ++++ Bryan
May 10th ++++ Senmetsu/Rahvin-The-Vampire
May 14th ++++ Finalfina
May 15th ++++ TwilightFox
May 16th ++++ Ass-Crumb
May 19th ++++ Struggle
May 20th ++++ Renaenae
May 22nd ++++ redfield95
May 23rd ++++ BlackMolotov
May 24th ++++ chiefindomer
May 25th ++++ BobaDobo
May 26th ++++ TheSporkLord, Taxman
May 28th ++++ klik
May 29th ++++ killjoy96
May 30th ++++ convict357
May 31st ++++ Quinny
June 2nd ++++ Jedi-Master, WaterShake
June 3rd ++++ Shade, Wegra, Ragnarokia
June 7th ++++ Jolly
June 9th ++++ Oliver, ExplodingPiglets, Simple
June 10th ++++ Legnus
June 11th ++++ jonathanfis, orangebomb
June 13th ++++ Donut
June 16th ++++ Alex616
June 17th ++++ Slint
June 23rd ++++ shrimpchris
June 27th ++++ Asandir,
June 28th ++++ PhyroDragon, FuckSandwich
July 1st ++++ joeyjoah
July 11th ++++ tatsumaru7
July 12th ++++ Mezmerization, Bahamut
July 14th ++++ The-Great-One
July 15th ++++ sumidiotdude
July 21st ++++ saqwert
July 19th ++++ Cootie
July 29th ++++ InsertFunnyUserName
August 1st ++++ fuzzum111
August 2nd ++++ Magical-Zorse
August 4th ++++ Tokecat
August 8th ++++ Xyphon202
August 9th ++++ Neverhundred, Mindadarsda, WastedRat
August 14th ++++ SuspiciousPenguin
August 15th ++++ maxninja234
August 21st ++++ AnalPenguinFarming
August 26th ++++ TheColourAwesome
August 28th ++++ aListers
August 30th ++++ StrapOnFetus
September 1st ++++ kazumazkan, Rivergrey
September 3rd ++++ sticks
September 4th ++++ Kanon
September 6th ++++ Dreinashi
September 15th ++++ Teddyriffic
September 19th ++++ BlueMieux Also, Yarrrr!
September 21st ++++ J-Rex
September 22nd ++++ Banziafy
September 23rd ++++ Slayer727, ModernPatriot
October 3rd ++++ Tycrane, Painbringer
October 6th ++++ SizzleBolt
October 8th ++++ Irrelephant
October 11th ++++ Dr-Worm
October 12h ++++ awesomeO2020
October 14th ++++ Pokemonpoeguygcn, Aprime, Armour
October 23rd ++++ Spac3case916
October 24th ++++ ImlunchBoxx
October 25th ++++ Tribalfusion-X
October 28th ++++ Dapper
November 7th ++++ Addict/Silentkat/Friday
November 11th ++++ DavidofIsreal, Goodfish
November 13th ++++ Dent0n, YoungAndWise
November 14th ++++ Tateos
November 21th ++++ ylerskay
November 23rd ++++ Retrospective
November 24th ++++ ScaryPicnic, Sispri
November 27th ++++ BrainworkInProgress
November 28th ++++ Valjylmyr
December 7th ++++ CrazyRock, djInTheDark
December 11th ++++ Megakill
December 17th ++++ DonCarrera
December 18th ++++ phrozonfire
December 19th ++++ Nentindo
December 24th ++++ tally1989
December 25th ++++ Jesus
December 26th ++++ iBliss
December 27th ++++ Lucy, FirstBaby

Don't hesitate! There's plenty of room on the list! :D



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2011-06-14 01:31:28

i'd say add me - but every year a mod makes me a birthday thread.. and thus some of the sparkle would leave..

you're free to make me an ADDITIONAL birthday thread..

or better yet.. an UNBIRTHDAY thread!

Senmetsu responds:

Consider yourself up for an unbirthday thread, you sexy thing.


2011-11-17 12:56:10

I know you may not really care but my birthday is at 16th January...
Just wanted to say it...

Senmetsu responds:

I really care <3


2011-11-25 00:04:04

add me plz my berfday is april 15th


2011-11-25 00:11:33

I noticed my name was on here, I don't recall putting a comment down here, unless logic or narcissy had my name added. But thanks a bunch for adding my name to the list. :D


2011-11-25 00:13:37


24 NOV


2011-11-28 10:14:18

You misspelled Atypop's username, its not Artypop, its Atypop lol and the link doesn't work.


2011-12-29 16:55:31

December 14th. :3


2011-12-29 20:25:34

Nobody has June 14th. Put me in there!


2011-12-29 23:03:47

September 3rd

Thmank yew :3


2012-01-04 15:43:02

29th of May.


2012-02-12 19:35:09

February 5th. My name got changed from Adio0205 to Faze.


2012-02-29 21:33:55

June 14th for me. Thanks. :)


2012-03-01 00:38:36

January 21st for me!


2012-03-01 01:50:58

Don't forget to add "Thedark" on the list! his B-Day is February 28th.


2012-03-01 16:14:59

April 23rd :3


2012-05-10 05:05:29

June 21st :).


2012-08-02 15:41:35

May 17th


2012-08-11 18:52:01

April 30th, next to Tom :)


2012-08-11 18:53:03

Oct. 21st if you please.


2012-08-11 18:58:04

June 12th.


2012-08-11 19:31:56

June 14th. :)


2012-08-11 20:02:12

March 31st.


2012-08-11 20:28:35

September 19th. Thank you very much.


2012-08-11 21:11:36

September 18th


2012-09-01 06:19:56

September 24th


2012-09-24 17:38:48

december 19


2012-09-24 17:40:46

Augustana is gone. You can put me there in her place.


2012-09-24 17:41:52

I mean agustana.


2013-05-31 00:15:31

coma back ;_;


2013-12-12 05:39:33

I'm the 29th of May.


2014-12-03 20:33:09

October 6.