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Still alive

2014-07-26 04:34:47 by Senmetsu

I'll keep updating this as long as I'm alive.

If its been like 3 years or something then RIP Rahvmetsu.


Are you alive? It'd be cool if you said hi. If you have died, be sure to comment that you are dead so that I can properly mourn you.


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2014-07-26 09:00:39

Hi ( ._.)

Senmetsu responds:

Omg I'm glad that you are alive, I remember you!


You are famous!


2014-07-26 10:49:37

Hallo .-.

Senmetsu responds:

Ahoy mate! :D

I'm glad you're alive!


2014-08-05 18:44:19

Let the mourning commence.