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Entry #57

I am still alive

2015-08-08 02:51:09 by Senmetsu

It's been a year since my last update.

I no longer work at Taco Bell. I now work for a movie theater... I feel like its a step up in the world. Not a huge step, but a step. Are you still alive? 

I'm cooking ribs right now. 


For anyone wondering, I am usually happy. My life is full and filling. I really hope you are doing well too. I'm sorry I'm not making much of an internet presence anymore, but that is how things go. I'm happy :) 


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2015-08-08 13:21:41

aw i'm glad sen, as long as you're happy that's what's gonna keep us going here. i hope things continue the way they are and you are alive and well

Senmetsu responds:

Hey thanks :)

I hope things are going well for you too. Thanks for commenting too, its nice of you to say something to me :)


2015-11-29 20:42:03

Hey buddy, miss you. Hope all is (still) well.


2016-11-21 21:03:00

Are ya still cooking ribs?