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Hell yeah man!

You brought it! :)

The last time I reviewed a song I think the only thing I had to say that wasn't positive was clarity..that sometimes it sounded muddled(due to a crappy mic probably)...that is not the case this time. I understood everything you were saying, and I dug every syllable.

Good work man, you've come a long way in these years..you've put in the time and it shows.

Luke responds:

I have Sapien (retributionvox) to thank for helping with the mastering of the track for it's clarity.
Thanks for the kind words, Benny. I look forward to getting back into the music stuff again. Shoot me a message some time, it's been a while.
Hope all is well,

As requested, old friend.

The first 2 minutes of this....have been amazing.

I am having trouble leaving my body but then I see that possibly there's something good in this world around the...3 minute mark or something I'm guessing. I feel invigorated to do something, but am surrounded by darkness even as I step into the light. I feel myself being drawn toward something outside of the darkness, and it feels regal and electronic. I sense that being a master musician would be a great accomplishment, I see my fingers thumping on the keys, and flashes of brilliance. I feel on top of my career, yet something is missing, something human and within arms reach. The electronics take over and its on to forgetting myself and worrying about music, yet the depression mutes even the brilliance. A constant fight against the waves and we're only a 1/4 of the way through. Getting closer now..to something...anything for fucks sake. Just keep driving, keep that pedal down and hopefully we'll get there... and the music disappears again.

Alone again, with just my thoughts and a small quiet beat to keep me going, probably losing focus on my career and loves and hopes, to fade out into nothing.........no friends. No family. No hobbies. No feelings. Just me in a world of shadows. I am cold, and alone, and only want someone.

A tide washes up against this beach, this desert island that I've made my home over these long years. I don't even know how to interact anymore with other people. The rescue boat sways in the waves as it cuts towards civilization. I shiver in a blanket and sip cocoa, staring out at the waves. The time I was alone was forever. I contemplated suicide, but it seemed boring, and plus I held out hope that someday rescue would come and I could go back to being a normal human. That wish seems so far away, so vague. What is normal anymore? I have been gone so fucking long.

I steady my resolve, a broken man slumped against a wall with nothing but a blanket and beard to his name. I stand up, facing the morning sun at the 12 minute mark, and I see the birds flying over the harbor. I hear the foghorn off in the distance and I know that this is not my destiny. But what is my destiny?

I remember terrible things that I dare not repeat, I feel the haunting sacrifices I've made to take this secret to the grave, and as the birds fly I notice they are crows sent to watch over me. The devil has its claws in my past, present, and future. God is going to voicemail, and Jesus isn't online. I don't know who to turn to, but I feel the evil around me swelling and growing. Its overwhelming. My eyes dart from left to right as the town turns to fog and I am alone at the 15 minute mark.

Clouds of black acrid smoke choke me and as I aspyxiate on the ground I see the reason for all of this. It was never about the happiness, it was about the sadness. Confusion grips me and I jump in headfirst and swim swiftly for the bottom of the ocean. Pain grips my lungs and all that is heard is the blub-blubbing of the air leaving my body for the last time. Finally, some peace.

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

I find it extremely interesting how people can listen to my tracks and come up with these vivid imagery concepts. I find that listening to this while driving, or walking, or moving at all for that matter, can really help expand and open your mind to such thoughts.

It may seem corny to some, but these sorts of thoughts are all respected on a much more personal level. These thoughts being respected on a personal level is awesome, and is what "enlightenment" is called in Budhism, along with terms such as "astral projection". When they are felt by other people, you have truly expressed yourself fully. Since I have composed something to make you write such detailed imagery, I have truly accomplished something. Thank you for sharing your passion :D

You really felt many themes I was going for and hi some of my own thoughts spot on. Isolation, abyss, loneliness, confusion, love, and peacefulness are a few of the themes you covered well in your imagery. Nice writing! :li loved your thought of the ocean.

I liked this a lot!

And am going to use this in my flash.

I liked the clarity and raw flow. You're sayin' things I wanna hear to an awesome beat. Every song I hear seems better than the last :)

Luke responds:

Hey man, I just saw the flash you submitted. Well, I didn't even notice it until somebody said "MAAAN this guy used your song on the flash!", I was really surprised, then I saw you submitted it and I was like "Awe! Benny is so nice! :)"

Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate your support.

Saw you on omegle!

We got d/c but you gave me your name so I came to review your music :D

I'd like to see you submit more music! 5'd, fav'd!

You really want me to imagine? ;)

Anything for my fatkid. I'll even do this entirely with my eyes closed.

I start off on a beach, gazing out across the sea, but what I'm seeing is merely the reflection of the sky, which is really just light refracted. I follow the light back to its source, flying through space at the speed of light. Trails of cool stuff flying out behind me.

I see alien spacecrafts trying to interact with me, but I must find the source of what I see. I get toward the sun and things get intense, my limbs begin to burn, but I can't feel it. Zoom back to the start, back on the beach. I hail down a passing ship, very lucky too because I had been here for too long. The ship takes me on board and I can taste the salty breeze when I breathe. I smell fish.

I gaze out across the water and am no longer mystified by the unknown. A tear escapes my eye but freezes to my cheek before it can fall... My beard is a frozen mess and the men on this boat seem unfriendly. They've taken my belongings... They've stripped me and are making me stand there naked.

The question I'm left with is: How naked can I be, knowing that I'm cloaked in truth and information?

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

GOD DAMN I love these trippy images! :D


I feel like a mad scientist in his lab listening to this. White lab coat, vials of green being dripped into other beakers with swirly tubes of various chems boiling and perking.

Near the middle the potion is complete! I gotta go try it on my first subject! Frank gets up and starts doin the robot. He goes berserk and destroys the lab! He's on the loose! Is it my problem? No. I'm a mad scientist, this is right up my alley. Content that my potion works, I begin testing on other animals. Near the end a gleam in my eye as I cackle loudly and transform into a bat...flying away into the night.

Nothin but10's good buddy.

My speakers kinda suck...but I can get the jist of things.

I felt like I was in a montage of suffering, yet at the end of the montage my suffering would not have been in vain.

Shuffling through the windy snow at dusk, the trees looming over me...
The mountains I had to climb...almost falling...
Realizing my food supply won't make it for me to get to my goal.

But always with my eye on the prize..

The song slows down around the 4 minute mark... I fall down from lack of energy and stare at the sky as rain pelts my face and collects in puddles around me. You can see me coughing and exhausted and sick..

But in the end it turns out what I was looking for all along: myself. I get up determinedly and turn around. Ready to go home with my newfound wisdom, and as I start descending down that cliff my hands slip... I fall. But i'm smiling. I found my answer.

Always a pleasure to listen to your songs, man. Keep up the good work and drop me a line sometime :)

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Good words man, good words. Thanks for the lovely review. Its always a pleasure to read descriptive reviews like yours. :)

Christmas Time is almost here again

I'm glad I stumbled across this submission.

Very urban take on such a classic song that I feel brings christmas memories to everyone, even those that don't celebrate christmas.

Non-religious, and thats what I like.. its not about angels and dying people's birthdays, its about..its about..

"I'll tell you what christmas is all about Charlie Brown" - Linus

xerochi responds:

The lyrics hold a deeper meaning if you listen to them very carefully. it is about freedom and abuse of authority. Don't let the man hold you back. Happy Non-denominational winter celebration!


If I close my eyes while listening to this I feel that I'm either in the deafeningly loud silence of space, or nearing an underwater lava tube. Strange fish approach my face with glowing organs in bizarre places. Somewhere overhead, far overhead, a plane flies or perhaps a bomb lands.. Vibrations surge through the water, and then the calm before the storm.

The bubbles of the lava tube surround me while fish flee the violent eruptions. Somewhere in the background I hear music. Is that my heart, or an angel taking me away from this violence?

The destruction continues, like oil spilling from a damaged well, and then all is silent except for the angel. I don't think I lived through this... I can see the earth below.. enormous wings carry me upwards, to where I don't know and will probably never be able to explain. Bye stars. Bye vision. Bye life...

Lol I did what I used to do when listening to your music, I closed my eyes, had the volume up, and sat in the dark. Then I read your comment explaining that I should use headphones, turn the lights off, and close my eyes.

*highfive* I love your music and am glad I reconnected with you.

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

*highhh fivveee!* Turning off the lights and listening to music in the dark is the way to go. It literally is like a drug and makes you naturally high. ;)

Thanks for the imagery thoughts man. Its nice to see someone doing it for me for once.


I read the story out loud at barely above a whisper, more of a murmur. The sound of my soft gravely voice pieced with the passionate beauty that you've provided made for a story that gave me shivers.

You've come a long way, my friend, keep up the good work.

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Haha, thanks man. I have really focused on the imagery / symbolism inside of my tunes in the past few months. I am writing some experimental things right now that don't have any actual rhythm, unlike this song, but fully focus on imagery and fantasy. Once I have a clear understanding of creating that sort of music, I will expand on it and create another ambient song that is like this, but a lot more complex. Glad to see you back on NG.

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