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I'm glad that you had an ending.

Often clicker/idle games go on forever and I reach a point where I am tired of playing them.

I beat this in an hour and a half, and I appreciate the end screen. It gave me the closure I wanted, and I had a good time along the way.

I get that the safe code is the pattern on the wall in the theater, but I have a hard time seeing shade differences.

This is the first time I've been unable to see those in one of your games.

Still had a blast up until it was guess and check on the banister thing.

Fun game, look forward to playing more in the future.

I didn't want to shoot the missiles at the earth.

So I launched... because I was facing the earth and figured "well, lets not shoot missiles at the earth. lets launch up outta here and blow up the bad guy"

And then it took me to credits because I guess I failed the game...with no replay button. I had a faster time losing the game than loading it, so sadly I'm not giving this a high rating because I feel gyped out of my chance to play it..having received almost no instruction, and no mercy for people trying to figure out how to play.

These are not the droids I'm looking for.

I'm going to go play a game. There is no game here.

<3 Thank you for not making a game, so I could not play your game. I hope this does well despite the fact that there is no game. Voice acting was spot the fuck on tho.

I consider myself a fanboy. Let's see how I do.

Sadly I passed with flying colors. Not that it hurts your game or anything, some of the master questions had me thinkin pretty good. BUT! I put punctuation in where punctuation should go and it rejected the answers..

While I enjoyed playing this I figured out that you can hit Tab to move to the next item on the screen. A lot of screens were easy to pass because of the tab thing.

Also, I was hoping for many more screens of killing da guy.

However! I want you to know, I enjoyed playing this and was smiling when I killed da guy. I look forward to a more finished version...

I'll be honest though, I don't see me paying to kill da guy anytime soon, but I wish you luck on selling it to others because someone out there will give you 99 cents to kill da guy, and your efforts won't be in vain.

I want to kill the guy more, some of those were just movies..LETS KILL DA GUY FOR GOOD!

And don't give up hope, I only judged you on the unfinished product. More stars would be awarded if the game was finished

Megacharlie responds:

Yeah, You never know when something you made will randomly become popular. Thats what I've learned anyways! I've been adding some stuff that would have made your review higher I think. :)

I'm adding separate episodes each with about 5 to 12 levels in it and its own simple storyline, I stopped the tab buttons from being pressed in the update I'm working on right now, I've been adding tons of sound to make it more colorful, and I am going to be making an ad free version with maybe extra episodes and bonus content available on http://itch.io very soon :D

Thanks for the review, sorry for the late response XD


I have an app like this on my phone.

I wish you could save up for better rocks.
I wish you could upgrade how much you rock per day.

I had a hard time playing this, probably because I suck.

I had no gun, that made me sad. When I went to the upgrade screen I kept trying to read what the upgrades did and in that time I would be ambushed and killed. I found that my engines dealt damage and was happy, but had a hard time getting close to the enemies to kill them with my engines. I tried running them through the asteroids, and it helped, but I still couldn't figure out what upgrades to get because I kept dying when reading the upgrades.

I think it would be more fun if you carried over your points you earned, that way you earn something for each life. Perhaps, you have to return the goods to the base, then they're saved. Then enter the upgrade screen and it pauses.

These are just some ideas, but I won't dock you points because I suck.

jupitron responds:

Hi Senmetsu, theres a new version up with some tweaks to make it enjoyable, please give it a try if you like. Thanks for playing!

I found myself frustrated.

I played maybe 10 rounds and in about 6 of those 10 I died before the first water drop fell...I see no way to increase rain production, so I see that 60% of the time I'll lose before anything good happens, and that leads me to not want to play.

I mean, your game was functional and it was a fun idea and you had good art to go with it, but its too hard. Looks like I need 300 coins to next level, and after 10 rounds I have 7 coins..I don't have it in me to grind to the next level.

Don't feel discouraged though, I see potential in this, I'm just giving you my grievances to help you as a dev <3

It was aight, it flowed smooth, would have liked arrow keys or wasd because I have been using a trackpad for about 4 years.. but good work regardless :)

JayStation responds:

Haha, I see! Thanks so much for your input. It was originally designed as a mobile game and I did a relatively lazy port to web. I'm glad that you played it long enough to give an honest opinion. I no longer have an interest in fixing this game, though I'll take your considerations into account next game around. Thanks a lot.

Your games are getting better.. I only follow maybe 3 people that actually put out new content on a regular basis and you're one of them.

This game was a little difficult, like finding the screwdriver was a little hidden. There was no visual representation of the screwdriver that I could see, I only knew how to find it because of the walkthru. But thats my only complaint, the story was fun, and you developed good characters considering it was an 8-10 minute game.

Voice acting was spot on as always. And dont take what I've sad as bad criticism, it was a fun game and I enjoyed it. I can see how you've improved over the years, and I look forward to playing whatever you make next for us.

Thanks for a fun few minutes, and get back to work because I need more submissions to play <3 I've played every game of yours so far, and they're all fun. This one was par for the course, with notable improvements over some of your previous games, which were also fun games.

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