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Senmetsu's News

Posted by Senmetsu - September 30th, 2010

I have no words...only tears. So...many...tears....

Take a shot for me with Mitch, Chris, Bea, Bernie, Richard and George....I know you've had too many already big guy, but keep 'em coming. I'll be there someday. You won't be forgotten. This world is more bland now. I love you.

Rest In Peace, Greg Giraldo

Posted by Senmetsu - September 29th, 2010

For a few months I've been bugging the admin to change my name from rahvin-the-vampire to Senmetsu.

Surprise surprise! After a few weeks of not bugging them they did as I requested. Thank you to whichever admin provided me with my name change :D

Still the same ol' Rahvypoo, just a less vampiric appearance.

Posted by Senmetsu - September 26th, 2010

Its bitter sweet.

Saying goodbye to a place I've called home for 7 years...

I'll miss this place....
...no I won't.

Therein lies the bittersweet.

Goodbye trailer,
goodbye mom,
goodbye doggy(ohai doggy),
goodbye stars on my ceiling,
goodbye holes in the walls,
goodbye broken bathroom door,
goodbye shower-head for 2...
Goodbye yard.
Goodbye carpets I put in.
Goodbye woodgrain walls that have watched me grow.
Goodbye dishwasher.
Goodbye in-house laundry room.
Goodbye evil trailer-park managers that hate me.
Goodbye furniture I grew up with.
Goodbye fridge.
Goodbye oven that never worked. Goodbye address in Happy Valley..goodbye Clackamas County.
Goodbye cable remotes with customized stickers.
Goodbye walk-in closet that I used to have as a gaming room..
Goodbye room I lost my virginity in.
Goodbye dishes I've come to know so well.
Goodbye being in the middle off everything.
Certainly seems to be a lot of good in these byes...whoever made up Goodbye was insensitive.
Not really in the mood to make a hello list right now. I'll do that when I get where I'm goin and can start seeing the positives of this. Until then(probably a couple of days), goodbye newgrounds.

Posted by Senmetsu - September 15th, 2010

Lookie dat :3

Posted by Senmetsu - September 11th, 2010

Oh noes!

I have made a list of possible activities to entertain me while this ban goes on.
Things to do.
0) Make a list of things to entertain me
1) Proforum
2) Drama-free mice
3) Play Transformice
4) Make food(speaking of which I should start thawing the chicken..mmmm smoked bbq chicken)
5) Read a book (my Inbox as far as books go is overflowing..I'm like 10 behind all my friends)
6) Work on writing my book
8) Walk the dog
9) Get drunk and pass out
10) PM all of my friends til they're tired of talking to me :P
11) Sign onto MSN and bug Vidaria
12) Figure out my computer problems
13) Put together that book shelf...
14) Burn those CDs
15) Wash the car
16) Turn on the TV
17) Look at porn... or pictures of hot NGers ;) Lol nawww
18) Jog
19) Clean the house
20) Beat the dog
21) Watch Youtube videos and become up on the latest memes
22) Watch the 9/11 fireworks **
23) Deposit Experience
24) Text my ex and see how the wedding planning is coming
25) Sleep
26) Write essays for the sake of writing essays
27) Apologize to the dog, then beat her again
28) Stalk userpages

Reasons why it's dangerous to sleep next to my wife: (These are all accidental)
1) She grinds her teeth, if she pushes against you and grinds her teeth, you could be bit.
2) She could cough shit up on your face.
3) She could elbow you in the face.
4) Say goodbye to that pillow
5) Bye bye blanket
6) She talks in her sleep quite often, don't talk back, it only makes it worse.
7) If you get up to pee or get water in the middle of the night, say goodbye to your spot.
8) If she's cold and wants to cuddle, you could get hit in the nuts on accident.

** Anyone find it odd that they're blowing shit up in remembrance of shit being blown up?

I've been banned!

Posted by Senmetsu - September 11th, 2010

I posted this to the BBS but because of the quality of the story I feel it should be preserved:
Btw, This is a true story. I wish it wasn't sometimes but every word of it's true.

So, I used to have a business down at the transit center selling......stuff. It was totally legit, I swear(speaking of lying lairs :P).. Anyway, its important backstory that you know why I was willing to put up with this guy.

Freakshow's MySpace...proof that he's a real person. Also, he's my friend so...be nice.
Anyway, we would spend 8 hours a day down there 5 days a week..it was like a 9 to 5 only it was more of an 8:30 to 4:30. These were our hours because that's when the HS kids down there and they were our primary source of income. It just so happened that we ran into Freakshow down there and if there's one thing Freak knows, its people. He had all kinds of connections here and there, he was everyone's friend, and he was just a cool guy in general. I wouldn't let him know where I live and I barely let him know my real name.

Down there because of the shiesty situation we were all in, we went by street names. Mine was Top Hat because I always wore a top hat. It was a collapsible Top Hat that I could take off and roll up and stash in a pocket if I was on the run and didn't want people to know me. Anyway, Freakshow was a good friend to have in a dangerous world.

He was a compulsive liar though, but not the kind I hate. I would hate anyone else telling these lies but he had the charisma to pull it off. Sure we ALL knew he was lying but we listened to his stories because...well to be honest: what the fuck else was there to do? We're sitting on stone steps 2 blocks away from a transit center for 40 hours a week, high as hell, staring at a lake and killing time behind a library.

Here's one of Freakshow's BEST stories of all time, and he agrees(why else did he tell it to us so many damn times in a row...with varying differences each time)..

"Did you guys hear about Halloween? Fuckin', last Halloween I was at this party at my buddy's house out in Estacada and fuckin'... I was high as hell, right? We smoked a one ounce blunt. I know! I was so blazed.. anyway I decided I was gonna take a bath so I climb into the tub and I'm havin's this bath but I keep seein shit outta the corner of my eye.. So I grabbed a fork and stabbed the thing I kept seeing. You know what it was? A fuckin power outlet! I got electrocuted and died! My friends walked in and they were like 'oh no!' and they called the ambulance, ambulance shows up and labels me DOA. You know what that means? Dead on Arrival. I was already dead when they showed up. So they put me in a fuckin body bag.. Thirteen hours later I wake up in a morgue in a refrigerator with a toe tag on. A FUCKING TOE TAG. I was dead for 13 hours!"

You think that's the end of his story? Not a Freakshow Original! This gets better.

"So I'm naked from being in the tub and being dead for 13 hours and I'm like "WTF I GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE!" so I bust outta the refrigerator butt ass naked and I just book it man. I mean I'm RUNNIN.
I finally get out of the morgue and I have to run through the hospital naked. All these doctors are lookin at me and I get outside and I'm not stoppin for anything. The fuckin' cops show up and they're chasing me. Now I have doctors, morgue technicians, and cops all chasing me down the street and I have no clothes on! So I run behind the library (((where we happen to be sitting...))) and I jump into the lake and hold my breath for a really long time while swimming underwater... I swam over to those apartments and got in the glass elevator! I could see the cops from over there but they couldn't see me cuz they were lookin in the lake so I started waving at them...fuckin pigs."

Freak and I are still friends, and anytime I see him out and about I say hi and ask how his wife and kid are doing. He usually feeds me a lie about his kid. 2 years ago his kid was 6 months old, now his kid just turned 9 months old.. I still won't give him my phone number or tell him where I live, but he never asks so it saves me the hassle of lying to him.

He's in college now and taking real classes, although he says he knows every single one of his teachers from somewhere else and that they all groan when he walks in the door and he yells "YEP, YOU GOTTA DEAL WITH ME NOW!"

He's always claimed to be resistant to pain, and oddly I believe this one. I've seen him break his fingers in front of us..and hold his finger in the fire for 30 seconds until it was bubbly and smelled like burning flesh, but he just stood there with a smile on his face.

Hell, this guy's such a character I feel like a liar just talking about him but may terrorists rip my fingernails off if I'm lying..

He used to charge people a dollar to do this trick.. I never gave him a dollar for it and he's always done it for free for me whenever I see him. I have also seen someone lick his eye while he does this trick. Its gross...but I can tolerate it after months of seeing him do it daily for change.

God Bless Freakshow. He's a good man, just really...fucked up.
Here's a picture from his myspace: Its his trick. You can make him do it for a dollar.


Posted by Senmetsu - September 3rd, 2010

/* */

Posted by Senmetsu - August 29th, 2010

*sigh* (emo moment coming, skip if you want, I'd skip it if I wasn't me.)

When I was in 7th grade, the year was 1999, Columbine had just happened. I was 14. There was a bomb threat at my school, the end of the school year in which the Columbine incident had happened..

I was in ISS(In school suspension) because I hit a girl who insisted on stabbing me with her compass(circle-maker in math) and I had blood coming from my back, so I knocked her out on accident and out of impulse. I warned her many times that I don't take kindly to being stabbed to the point of bleeding and if she continued to stab me I would hit her very hard. She sat behind me in Literature class...she stabbed me again so..I backfisted that girl outta her seat. Her head collided with a desk next to her and she fell to the ground unconscious.

I was almost expelled for violence against girls, despite the fact that I had medical proof that I required stitches for her stabbing me. Somehow I feel she was flirting with me...or so her friends told me. I know I don't stab people I like, and in fact I've never stabbed anyone(except my friend Jon with a paper clip because that's what boys do in 5th grade--he was also the Best Man at my wedding)

Anyway, I was in ISS and our bathroom break was during the time period the note was found in the girl's bathroom(how would I get there anyway under the constant surveillance of the ISS teacher) saying there was a bomb threat found in our school. I was brought into the police station for questioning about "Why did you leave a note in the girls bathroom saying you were going to blow up the school?"

I pled my case that I don't care enough about the obligatory school enrollment to blow anyone up, and that I was a peaceful person. If I wanted to blow people up, I wouldn't warn them, I'd just do it(warning people is retarded, if you want people to suffer you don't tell them "I'm going to hurt you at such-and-such time at this place!!") That didn't make the police happy... I'm sorry if I'm smart about things but seriously, if I was gonna do something evil I wouldn't let people evacuate the building first.

My mom had to come in and verify that my handwriting was near illegible due to dysgraphia(I write shitty), and the handwriting is way too pretty to be mine. I spent days on end going in to testify that I had not written the note on purple paper with gel-pen because I: A) Don't have Girly Paper, B) Don't have Girly Pens, and C) Don't have Girly handwriting. (Surprise Surprise: The girl I knocked out was in ISS with me, guess who wrote the note)

Eventually I was told not to come back to that school for any means, despite the lack of proof(She was able to continue there though..), even though it was obligatory for me to attend school or my mom would do prison-time for truancy. For the next few years I had to go to an out-of-county school because nobody would let me in due to my "violent past".

You guys know me... I'm not violent. I have sparks of moodiness from time to time but I would never endanger someone because of my moodiness. I understand that my emotions are mine and I don't let my emotions cause others pain. They are mine to deal with and mine alone.

Does anyone have any experiences of similar experiences? I have a few more to share, but this is probably the highlight of my school career.

(/end emo!!!!) You can read again

Life sucks sometimes and the man will try to drag you down, just stay strong and remember who you are. Smile.

Posted by Senmetsu - August 23rd, 2010

Posted by Senmetsu - July 9th, 2010

It seems like people want to be my friend outside of Newgrounds! :D
For all you cool people:
Rahvin's MySpace!!
Benny Harrison's Facebook!
<<<< My MSN is over thar <<<< But its bennyinoregon@hotmail.com if you're too lazy :D
AIM- TheBennyRule
Yahoo- rahvin-the-vampire (I think, I dont go on much)
Transformice - Rahvin
xbox live - GIMPsenmetsu

NOTE: For adding me, please mention you know me from NG or I may just decline. I have invites from weirder weirdos than you guys and it scares me!

Please add me :) I love friends!


"Adventure Time with Finn & Jake's Freak City Song - Lyrics"

Is this really my life,
Is this how my story ends,
Bein' in this body,
Seems like a battle that I cannot win,
Maybe I should lay my head down slow,
And sleep till it's all OVER,
Is this the end,

HECK NO, darn it no,
This isn't how I go,
I'm gonna Kill it,
I'm gonna kick life's butt,
I'm in it, to win it,
I'm gonna take life's name,
And spit on it, and kick it,
Cause this is a man's game.

"Huh? Why?"

I'm not gonna let you lie here, and waste away,
You better get up, Gork or I'll kick you up,


And I'm not gonna be COOL,
Cause I'm pipin' HOT,
I'm not gonna let you ROT.

"Hey, Finn."

JAKE, stop tellin' me to enjoy,
And get out of that TRASH.

"Heh heh. I can't take you seriously when you're singing, man."

I'll fix you with MY KICKS,
Gonna reconstruct yourself worth,

/* */

Updated my personal info for stalkers :D