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Senmetsu's News

Posted by Senmetsu - August 3rd, 2008

Chicken Wing

You guys should all go watch the chicken wing :D

I didn't make it but I've been supporting it for ages..I don't see any of my friends hating it. :)

And a banner for my friend Shroom!
Btw, I changed the glowing, which didn't go with the background, to a sandy texture, and I switched the shroomy background from brush-strokes to photograph, so it'd have a nice glossy shine.
I hope this looks alright. I also spelt your name right..I hope :P

Chicken Wing!

Posted by Senmetsu - July 21st, 2008

I'm starting an art Gallery in this blog! Cuz I can!

I made all this crap, btw!

This is called No yin tangs question mark.jpg
I don't know why I made this. :P There's a road on the left and a tree on the right..I was experimenting with making a road sign :)

Paint and Stuff

Posted by Senmetsu - February 29th, 2008

It's true. If my cable modem holds out this time, I should have at least one month of uninterrupted(save for sleep) internet access! YAY!

Dodge is well :) Soon we're gonna take some of our kittens to the humane society so they can all find loving, happy, homes.

This is a cause for celebration! In fact, I put up a picture of me as a drunken scotts-irishman in the middle of a bar brawl! Btw, I was only 18 in this picture. I dunno if my profile says, but I'm 23 now :P

I hate to announce my return, but..

Posted by Senmetsu - January 28th, 2008

I need a place to put important links. My Links should be up to date, if they're not, you should let me know and I'll get around to it :) I honestly still check them pretty much daily.

Friend's List!
[=-The List=-] L7C r0x el Casbah.
[=-MiniCities=-] Clickie, it's harmless. It's a list of everyone's minicities :)

Things I want to see on my userpage!
-[Adjective] [Noun] is [Adjective] posts. E.g. "Old thread is old."

-Links to myminicity. Or any kind of site that relies on people clicking your link in order for you to boost your stats on that particular site. I love them!

Clone posting: Basically copying someone else's post exactly, in hopes of starting a large chain of these replies.

Rape her (or any variant thereof)

Do a barrel roll

lol (and nothing else)!!!

Links to Rick Roll (either directly or related)!!!

You should have grabbed _____ cock!

Nested quotes!

"I/we don't care" (or any variant thereof, including obvious sarcasm; e.g. "I care")
FAIL statements.

"Pics or it didn't happen."

Posted by Senmetsu - January 22nd, 2008

So, my list looks kinda empty compared to everyone elses..but when I look through my friend's list I feel nothing but good things! Especially now that Jaclyn made me this AWESOME KITTY PICTURE OF ME!!
<-----------------------------------Ov er there!

My Mini City! Clickie please :D It's painless, I promise!

BabyChipmunkB, the cum swishing ass eater has an account again. And supposedly part of Owl Organization or whatever they're called.

[=-The List-=]

Yoshi --Founder and Leader of the Lucky 7 Crew!
I <3 L7C 4ever! Btw, Yoshi was my first NG friend!
Jaclyn -- I told you you'd quickly passed up a lot of my friends :P Especially with the Benni Pic(Everybody look over there! <-- That way! Yah, that way! <---!) And she's my most active and chatty friend!
SparkWattClock -- Founder and Leader of Garbage Whistle Crew! GWC are good people :)
AxeWarrior -- He's L7C through and through. No budging that boy! :D That's why we have an awesome chat room we get to use sometimes! :D
BIGmamaKATIE -- Kaytee was my first favorite person in L7C, she made me some signatures when I didn't have anything(because I sucked :D) but now I have PSP again so I make pictures..but Kaytee has a pretty website too! Ya'll should go visit it!
Stomer --I stalk him. He tries to keep up with it though! And rocks! :D
Fatkidwitajetpak -- This guy makes lovely music. I suggest you go and listen to the GWC submission of his about the ocean. Very good times if you want to relax.
Jokerscard -- He's in L7C and I stole his banner a while back..before I realized I had PSP7 and could make my own banners. But he's a funny guy :)
SimCorder -- He was pretty into L7C for a while, but has recently been busy doin some important stuff on his own :D Go Simcorder!
Zack -- Good friend of Jaclyn's, but also a cool cat cuz he likes the Lolipops(get it!? lolipops? :D). So we understand each other on that level..and he as a minicity which I'm trying to model mine after. And he responds to my comments...he's a P.I.M.P. Plus he has a minicity! So do I! (See link above..like way up there) So click his links, it makes him happy!
DP36 -- DP36 took a very active role in our boards before SOMEONE had to go and ruin that(BabyChipn00bB). He's also fun to talk to, and deserves to be on my list :D Speaking of which..I'll go msg him now! You should too :D Tell him how COOL he is. Like he's so COOL all we'd need is a RANCH and we could make a Dorito :D

If I forgot you, I'm sorry..I've already made this list two or three times and have some computer error that causes it to crash, so this time around I kinda skipped through some people :(

[[NEWS ALERT]]-- IT'S SNOWING OUT!!!!! 1:36am 1/28/08 :D

My dog Lily(AKA The stupid one!!!!) is guarding the page! Watch out or she'll...wiggle her but at you and go BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK and then run away.

Benni's Friends!

Posted by Senmetsu - January 18th, 2008

This guy was being stupid, and I called him on it and suggested that he come up with better topics and I got banned. I can't say I saw it coming, but I can't say I completely disagree with the ban either. Oh well. Life goes on :)

Hey, I went 301 messages before I got banned, that's pretty good. And now I have a ban story! This is kinda working out!

Things I'm learning(sometimes relearning) now that I'm banned and have 7 days left:

1)Friends will talk to you if you actually try to talk to them :)
2)There are games on Newgrounds!
3)Photoshop threads aren't as funny to lurk when you can't participate.
4)My youtube account needs more work.
5)My Y!A account needs more work. (Yahoo! Answers)
6)My Neopets account needs work.
7)My Webkinz account needs work.
8)I feel good at least that I pwned a n00b to get this ban.
9)My NG account needs work at: B/P, Flash and Audio Reviews.
10)My blogs have been pretty crappy so far :P Thank's Karlu for continuing to help me on my quest!

My list will grow. GROW!


Posted by Senmetsu - January 16th, 2008

I had to post this awesomely cute picture of my Kitty. It's not L7C-Related, but oh well! He's so cute! I dunno what the fuck is on his tongue though. Any guesses?

Aww, Cute Kitty!

Posted by Senmetsu - January 12th, 2008

Some real bullshit here...

Thankfully we have some supporters out there..and some people who don't even know who L7C is yet :P

Anyway, I'm not as gone as I said I'd be. I'm still here. Never leaving.

L7C for life!
Don't Forget [-=The List=-]

Check out this bullshit.

Posted by Senmetsu - January 9th, 2008

Benni's MiniCity: Bensterdam
Tiara's MiniCity: Tiaratropolis
Zack's MiniCity: Zack-Land
Chainsawmurderer53's Minicity: Englishville
AxeWarrior's Minicty: Axetopia
Yoshi777777777777777...'s Minicity: Yoshi77777
1337leader's Minicity: Cock-Joke

Did I forget your city? Sorry, pm me and I'll add it!


Posted by Senmetsu - December 30th, 2007

Alright, I deleted the other news posts. This one matters more than PSP.
Friend's List
Below I have a list of most of L7C and GWC's flash for ease of browsing/viewing/voting.
LGWC r0x el Casbah!

This one goes at the top of the list because I'm in it. Vote for this one first over and over despite the message it tells you about "blah blah wait 24 hours". I mean vote 5 til your mouse breaks :P Woohooo!!! I love being in a flash! Yu-Gi-Oh Card Gallery #1

[L7C] QuestForLevel60 - Day 3
[L7C] QuestForLevel60 - Day 2
[L7C] QuestForLevel60 - Day 1
[L7C] Random Collab 8
[L7C] Uber Flash Game
[L7C] A Poem
[L7C] A Very Lucky Xmas
[NG Xmas Pt. 4]
[ng christmas 3!!!!!!]
[L7C] Mario's Bad Day
[L7C] Mario'sBadDayTrailer
[L7C] A Fight!
[L7C] Epic Collab
(L7C) Next Collab
DailyDay4: Yoshi77777
Lucky 7th Random Collab
[L7C] RC#6
[L7C] RC#5
[L7C] RC#4
[L7C] RC#3
[L7C] RC#2
[L7C] Lucky 7
NG 07 Remix
Conversation 1: Balls
[GWC]SWC classic: L7C day
[GWC] Impossible Collab
[GWC] sprite flash 2
[GWC] sprite flash
[L7C] Preview of RC #8
GWC SWC rules
GWC sprite flash 3

Also, straight from the Audio Portal!
(::Through The Ocean:) =GWC=
The song and this picture sync up wonderfully.

[-=The List=-] Fifen