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I loved this, thank you for making it.

The cartman voice was spot on, as well as sharon and randy. Good job :) I've heard a lot of bad cartmans in my day, but yours was great :)

I was engrossed as if it was a real episode, thanks for entertaining me :)

I consider myself a pretty huge fan of Adventure Time. That being said, I loved this!

The animation was crappy, yeah, but whatevs man. This is the kind of parody video that defines Newgrounds. When the site started it was a lot of people expressing their dislike of some of the things in pop culture: beat up barney, kill slim shady, beat up backstreet boys, etc.

Adventure Time is fair game for people to make parodies of, and with the poor voices and animation it added a certain "i dont give a fuck cuz whatever" element. That's missing from a lot of animations and games these days, seems like everybody wants to give a fuck recently.

Good job, I hope to see more.

Another glorious socom submission!

You guys make the kinda art I wish I could make.

I liked the 3 different parts, but carrot was my favorite. And Mushroom because I'm not sure how to make something wave in flash.

Good job giving me something to shoot for.

Full marks, SS!

Look at that submission!

ROFL LOL! It totally got blammed.

I got love for the SS <3

Much more fun than the star syndicate. Keep up the good work and I'll keep layin' down the 5's for ya.

Shit's about to get deep!

AngryFaceSocom is about to bust dat gat. He's gonna make it sing such a sweet song as the bullets rain.

Hellz yeah!

Yay! :D

This was very artsy.

I loved it!

About time!

I'm tired of the ponies, i'm glad you are too.

There was a lot of humor in your video, and I laughed a bit.

Good job :)

PatoLarax responds:

I donĀ“t hate ponies...
But with so many ponies.
It was the moment to make a parody.

Great movie

I really loved the 2pac reference that you put in :D

I caught on like 3 or 4 words in and was like "omg i know this entire 2pac rant... but its so awesome in parrot"

Who sprayed me but you punks didn't finish now you bout to feel the rath of a menace... still laughing. Awesome bird. Fav'd 5'd.

Good, I want more

I normally don't watch movies on NG but I had a fun time watching yours.

Comes in all your favorite colors: pink.

I give you a 10 on the humor scale :D

ThePivotsXXD responds:

Trust me, there's more to COMES TO YOU MIND...

I love how it gets out of sync

AFter about 4 minutes of badgering it gets all kinds of outta order :D

Been a fan of this video since 2003, but didn't know it was on NG :D I suck.v Good job on creating a well-known internet phenomenon!

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